Top Styling Apps in the US and What They Offer?

Our lifestyles are getting more and more hectic and we are becoming increasingly time-poor. Cracking the code of good style on a daily basis is no easy feat. It is as elusive as it is transformative. It defines the way people perceive you and heavily impacts your personal interactions. 

Whether you are getting dressed for work in the morning or brunch with friends, you do not want to struggle with hopeless pieces of clothing that don’t go together. You can now just go online and sort your fashion emergency on the app. You also do not have the time to struggle with a spotty internet service. You want to go for a razor-sharp internet service like Cox Internet.

Why Personal Styling is Undergoing a Tech Transformation?

Personal stylists are expensive and tend to take up more time than you can spare. In addition to their hefty fee, personal stylists tend to make recommendations for new purchases instead of understanding and capitalizing on your already existing wardrobes. This is mainly due to the commission incentives stylists gain from stores and brands. 

This is one of the main reasons, the style industry has been disrupted by personal styling apps. You can now build a trendy and fashionable wardrobe for next to nothing by making guided and mindful styling choices. Consulting apps for style advice can help you make the most of your pre-purchased collection in addition to helping you shop smart.

Let’s look at some of these apps and find a perfect fit for you. 

AI-Powered Styling Apps

AI-powered styling apps function on logic-based rules acquired through training data and programmed into the app. They are generally cheaper than the ones run on human intelligence.

  1. Save Your Wardrobe

Embrace sustainability with this free app. This is a great option for people who are looking to buy less and make the most of their previously owned wardrobes. This AI-powered app allows you to upload all your garments and make recommendations of complete ensembles based on your lifestyle, activities, and weather.

  1. Stylebook

Stylebook is an automated style guide that helps you create stylish ensembles based on your size, favorite outfit, body type, skin tone, and style inspiration. This wide range of goals is achieved using a large directory of up to 90 tools. It also makes recommendations based on style trends and stats. 

  1. Renoon

This style app was created for environmentally conscious consumers. It helps them find sustainable alternatives for their fashion choices. It has a huge directory of resources to buy from shops that have locally sourced products and contribute to a positive change in the environment. 

Renoon makes sure that the article they are recommending is in line with your personal style and values. 

  1. R Reflection

This unique app provides you with a virtual try room. You can upload your picture and this app will show you a recommended item. This eliminates the conundrum of online shopping that you do not know how the article will look. 

This way you can be sure about your upcoming purchases before you place the order. 

Human-Powered Stylist Apps  

The range of recommendations is more diverse, conscious, curated, and practical when it comes to human-powered styling apps. These apps still offer an affordable rate than in-person stylists.

  1. Wishi

Associated with Karla Welsh, this app offers personalized styling and shopping solutions. This app runs on a network of hundreds of stylists who offer unique insights and work with you to find your perfect look. They offer mood boards, style guides, and links to shop items. 

Wishi serves as a platform that connects stylists and consumers who want to acquire their service at affordable rates. You can also enjoy a free trial on this app after which you can subscribe to Wishi Mini at a meager price of $40, an upgraded version Wishi Major for $90, and the premium, Wishi Lux for $550. 

  1. Stitch Fix

This free personal styling and shopping app recommends outfits curated to your budget. The fascinating thing about this is a data-driven app that runs on an algorithm. It offers a very personalized shopping experience without the added expense of a session with a personal stylist. 

You do not have to lift a finger as budget-friendly articles you approve show up on your doorstep with the help of stylists, software developers, and data scientists.

  1. Indyx

This app helps you catalog your articles, workshop complete outfits with a personal stylist, and re-sell everything you have no use for. All of this is integrated flawlessly into one app. You can subscribe to their 15-day free trial after cataloging 25 items. 

Your style sessions are $195 which is much less than an on-ground stylist. The stylists at Indyx come prepared after reviewing your catalog and have insight into your lifestyle and personal fashion goals through a questionnaire.  

  1. Glamhive

Like Wishi, Glamhive runs on a network of personal stylists. Although widely used, it offers no free features or a function to upload your wardrobe for insight. You get comprehensive information on the biography and styling approach of available stylists. The next step is to book a video-calling session with them.

Some of Glamhive’s features include Professional Edit which is specialized for wardrobe clean out and a shopping list. The (Re)invention feature is a wardrobe overhaul, The Seasonal Refresh sessions offer recommendations on an upcoming season, and lastly, The Special Event is quite self-explanatory. 

Wrapping Up!

Personal stylists are a luxury few people can afford. However, looking put together is something that affects every aspect of your life including your mental health.

With all of these interesting features and options, you can now stay ahead of the fashion curve and redefine the way you operate in life both personally and professionally while looking and feeling your absolute best.


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