Who are Storm Reid’s Parents: A Peek into the Family After a Rising Star


Where celebrity lives are often under the microscope, the strength of family bonds often goes unnoticed. This is especially true for young Hollywood talents like Storm Reid. Storm was born on July 1, 2003, in Atlanta, Georgia, and has captivated audiences with her performances. But who are the people behind this prodigious talent? The answer lies with her parents, Robyn Simpson and Rodney Reid, who have been her support system from the beginning.

The Early Years: A Star is Born

From a very young age, Storm Reid exhibited a knack for performance. Her parents, recognizing this innate talent, nurtured it with care. Robyn Simpson, her mother, played a pivotal role in these early years. With a keen eye for her daughter’s potential, Robyn became the guiding force, leading Storm into acting. While more reserved, Rodney Reid provided the stable and loving home environment crucial for any child artist.

Robyn Simpson: The Guiding Light

Robyn Simpson’s role in Storm’s life cannot be understated. She is not just a mother but a mentor, adviser, and manager rolled into one. When Storm took her first steps into acting, Robyn was there, ensuring her daughter had all the resources and support needed to succeed. From managing auditions to helping with script readings, Robyn’s dedication has been a cornerstone of Storm’s success.

Storm often credits her mother in interviews for her grounded approach to life and career. Robyn’s emphasis on balance — maintaining an everyday life while navigating a career in Hollywood — has been crucial in keeping Storm focused and humble.

Rodney Reid: The Quiet Pillar of Strength

While Robyn might be the more visible force in Storm’s career, Rodney Reid’s influence is equally significant. His approach may be quieter, but his role as a father and supporter has been a constant source of strength for Storm. Rodney’s contribution lies in providing a sense of normalcy and stability, which is crucial for any child, especially one growing up in the limelight.

Steering Challenges as a Family

The journey to success in Hollywood is often fraught with challenges, and Storm’s path was no different. Here, the role of her parents has been indispensable. Facing the highs and lows of an acting career, particularly as a young artist, can be daunting. Storm’s parents have helped her navigate these challenges, teaching her resilience and staying true to herself.

A Family’s Journey Together

Storm Reid’s success is a testament to her talent and a reflection of her family’s unwavering support. Robyn and Rodney have created a foundation that has allowed Storm to explore her potential without losing sight of her roots and values. This family journey, filled with love, sacrifice, and encouragement, truly defines Storm Reid’s story.


As Storm Reid continues to make her mark in Hollywood, the role of her parents, Robyn Simpson and Rodney Reid remains a crucial part of her narrative. They have provided the support, guidance, and love that have shaped Storm into a talented actress and a grounded and inspiring individual. Their story is a reminder of the power of family in the world of showbiz — a power that goes beyond the glitz and glamour to the heart of what truly matters.


Who are Storm Reid’s parents?

Storm Reid’s parents are Robyn Simpson and Rodney Reid. They have been instrumental in her journey to becoming a successful actress. Robyn, her mother, has played a vital role in managing her early career and providing emotional support. At the same time, Rodney, her father, has been a stable and loving figure, ensuring Storm stays grounded despite her fame.

How have Storm Reid’s parents influenced her career?

Storm Reid’s parents have had a significant influence on her career. Her mother, Robyn Simpson, recognized Storm’s talent at a young age and has actively supported her acting career, including managing her schedules and helping her with auditions. Although less involved in the professional aspect of her career, her father, Rodney Reid, has provided a robust and stable home environment. This balance of professional support and grounded family life has been crucial for Storm’s development as an actress and person.

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