Outlandish Bail Bonds Tales: From the Unbelievable to the Bizarre

Bail bond companies have seen it all. The spectrum of cases they encounter can sometimes defy belief from the ordinary to the utterly bizarre. While many of their clients come in for run-of-the-mill legal troubles, every so often, there’s a story that stands out from the rest, making even seasoned bail bonds agents shake their heads in amazement. Here are some of the most outlandish tales from the world of bail bonds.

The Great Emu Escape:

In a small town in Nevada, a man was arrested for causing a traffic jam of an unusual kind. He had set loose not one, not two, but a dozen emus onto the main street during rush hour! The gigantic, flightless birds, native to Australia, dashed about, causing mild chaos and numerous fender-benders. The man claimed he was trying to start an emu farm and wanted free advertising. The bail bonds agency, in this case, had to deal with quite the feathery conundrum before ensuring the man’s appearance in court.

Honey, I Stole the House:

In Florida, a bail bonds company had the unique experience of bailing out a man who tried to steal a house literally. No, he didn’t attempt to haul the building away. Instead, he created fake property documents, posing as the owner, and tried to sell the house. The real homeowners were in for quite the shock when potential buyers showed up for a viewing! The audacity of the crime made it a story that the bonds agent recounted for years.

The Misguided Mermaid:

California’s beaches are no stranger to surfers and swimmers. But in one peculiar incident, a woman was arrested for causing a public disturbance dressed as a mermaid. Swimming dangerously close to boats and startling fishermen, she insisted she was rehearsing for a play. While the act might seem whimsical, it posed genuine safety concerns, leading to her arrest. After ensuring her release, the bail bonds agent jokingly referred to the case as his “fishy affair.”

The UFO Enthusiast:

Roswell, New Mexico, known for its UFO lore, witnessed an individual trying to set up a makeshift “alien landing pad” on government property. Decked out in aluminum foil and brandishing a sign inviting extraterrestrials for a meet-and-greet, the individual was arrested for trespassing and causing a public nuisance. The bail bonds agent responsible for this case often chuckles about how he ‘bailed out the first man ready to welcome aliens.’

A Sticky Situation:

In a quirky incident in Texas, a man was detained after trying to repair the city’s main road… with pancake syrup! Frustrated by the local authorities’ inaction over potholes, he took matters into his own (sticky) hands. While his intentions were in the right place, his methods were unconventional. Bailing him out was a sweet task for the bonds company involved.

The Llama Drama:

On the outskirts of a quiet town in Oregon, a bail bonds company received a rather unusual call. A woman was arrested for parading a llama through a local mall! The unsuspecting shoppers were amused and alarmed as the woman and her llama companion ambled through, stopping at kiosks, causing some light havoc, and even trying to ride up an escalator. The woman claimed it was the llama’s “birthday treat.” While the spectacle made for a memorable day for shoppers and a hilarious story for the bonds agency, it reinforced the idea that in the bail bonds world, you never know what to expect next.


The world of bail bonds is always exciting. Beyond the paperwork and legalities, a human element often brings a mix of humor, surprise, and disbelief. These tales, as wild as they might sound, are a testament to the unpredictable nature of life and the ever-interesting stories that bail bond agents find themselves entwined in.


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