How to reduce the price of a surrogacy contract

tail the various clinics providing similar services. Compare not only the cost of the contract, prices for individual services, but also the conditions for the provision of individual components of services, study to what extent the contract is provided, what contract risks are determined by the clinic. This is necessary to choose the best option. Be sure to read the reviews about this medical institution, this can save you and your money from losses.

2. Contact a consultant at the surrogacy clinic. You need to clearly define all the conditions and immediately declare your financial capabilities. After all, motherhood cannot be paused or canceled due to lack of budget. Try to find an option with a flexible payment plan.

3. Be sure to consider international surrogacy, as I wrote in point 1. This gives more opportunities and expands the number of possible participants – conducting surrogacy abroad. These should be countries with a lower price for the service, but not worse quality. But saving should be reasonable, since saving on the health of your unborn child is a bad idea. Check that the country you choose has the correct and reasonable ethical framework and legislation for the surrogacy procedure, and that the legislation is acceptable to you and protects your rights in case of conflicts of interest with the clinic or surrogate mother.

4. Research embryo donation programs if you are completely childless or if you need it for ethical reasons. Also, some clinics may have egg or sperm sharing programs available, which can reduce the  leihmutterschaft kosten contract. But check that this program will be legal in your country. If the consultant at the clinic does not offer you a similar program, do not hesitate to ask.

5. You can try to get financial support from relatives, friends, a public organization, a foundation, or get a payment from health insurance. Health insurance is available in a number of developed countries. If the clinic works with this type of insurance, then this possibility should be discussed in advance. So that the clinic’s lawyer prepares the necessary documents to cover the contract or at least for the largest medical part of the services provided. Medical insurance may also contain payments for unforeseen circumstances or potential complications.

Government health insurance programs are designed to cover or reduce costs for couples faced with the problem of financing the waste of surrogacy programs. Moreover, at the same time, government programs ensure the safety and legal protection of expectant parents. This gives participants peace of mind that they are protected and have future legal coverage throughout the entire process.

In the case of non-state health insurance programs, try to be responsible in advance when choosing an insurance company, since not all insurance companies offer similar health insurance coverage for the services of a surrogacy clinic, since they may consider this case not insurable.

The largest cost item in a surrogacy contract is medical services. Starting from egg retrieval, tests and preparation for this procedure. This is necessary to ensure the health of the unborn child and the carrying surrogate mother throughout the entire period of gestation. Next in cost are payments to the surrogate mother—participation fees. Remember that the most important thing when choosing a clinic and a surrogacy contract is to ensure the safety and well-being of all parties. Therefore, in addition to the cost, study in detail the reputation of the clinic, its leading employees, and also make sure of its professionalism. The presence of famous scientists and doctors in the clinic, constant participation in public meetings, symposiums and seminars is also a good indicator of the quality of the clinic. It should be a comprehensively developed organization, and not just a means of making money. I hope that these tips and life hacks will help you find the path to the optimal price for a surrogacy contract and high quality services.


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