A To-Do List When Starting a Construction Company

We live in an ever growing world where everything around us is constantly evolving and changing. When it comes to the business and career world, many people are taking the route of starting their own business and hoping for the very best to get it off the ground before it gets shut down. Surprisingly people are making some bold moves and going for it, and being either pleasantly surprised or devastated. Starting a construction company is no different, it is a very bold move. It is no small thing to get to the point where you may feel the need and desire to start a construction company. There are so many things that are required to do before getting completely started. First you must start by researching the construction industry, construct your business plan, register the business, get licensing, certifications, insurance, and permits, and then to obtain funding.

Start by Researching the Construction Industry

Researching the construction industry is an absolute must. It is hands down the most important thing that you need to do to get started. There is always new information to research when it comes to construction, so to be up to date on these things is very important to being able to get anywhere at all. 

Construct Your Business Plan

Constructing a business plan is something that will take countless hours to construct and reconstruct and add to and take away from. It’s something that will be your summary plan for your business’ lifetime as a whole. It will contain your goals, aspirations, mission statement, financial strategies, your services and products, and overall your “why” statements for wanting to dive into the construction industry. A financial plan will also be a must in your business planning. You can obtain an accountant for contractors that is specific to your business needs.

Register the Business

In order to register your business, you must  have chosen a business name, a business entity, obtain an EIN (Employer Identification Number), file form 2553 if needed, register within the state you plan to operate your business, and register within local agencies.

Get Licensing, Certifications, Insurance, and Permits

Most states are going to require a General Contractor’s License, where only some states will require a Specialty Contractor’s License, and in some cases Government Licensing.  There are so many permits and certifications and such that are required in order to really get started on getting your business up and going. And there are 6 insurances that all construction companies are required to obtain in order to function as a construction company: Vehicle Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, General Liability Insurance, Disability Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance, and Property Insurance.

Obtain Funding

So you have everything you need to get your operation started but if you don’t have the proper funding then it is all for naught. Most likely you will not be able to fund the whole endeavor on your own, so fortunately there are things you can do such as equipment loans, small business loans, vendor financing, working capital loans, and purchase order financing.


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