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6 Tips to Promote Your Food Blog Using social media

There is always so much to talk about when it comes to food. This is what makes food blogging an exciting endeavor. However, while the task may seem easy, reality is far from it. Blogging about food requires all hands on deck. You need to know how to create the right content, find your audience, and ensure your post stands out from others. 

So, where do you start? Fortunately, social media makes the first step of your job easy by providing you with a platform that gets your work out there. But just creating a page for yourself isn’t cut; you need to channel your creativity, use the right keywords, and implement strategies to get your desired views. Therefore, if you’re looking for ways to utilize social media, here’s what you need to do:

Use PicturesImages make content interesting to engage with. No one likes reading clusters of texts unless it’s a recipe. Hence, it would help if you started adding pictures to your food blog. While you can go through the hassle of taking your photographs, there are other alternatives you can explore, too. If you’re trying to blog frequently, you will need a collection of images beforehand. In such cases, you can add pro stock photos to your blogs. 

As a blogger, you need to understand the nuances of copyright. You can’t simply use any image you see online unless it is licensed for commercial usage. This is why your stock photos are your best bet. You can freely use these images and add them to your blog as much as you like. 

If you want to go the extra mile and create a database of your pictures, you will need to create recipes from scratch, work with restaurants, and spend hours editing your photographs. The latter is a grueling process; stick to stock pictures unless you’re willing to work. You can also create posts with images alone and add a catchy caption so that it gets shared in no time. 

  1. Know Your Audience

You need to know who you are blogging for since creating content for everyone is impossible. Having a specific audience in mind gives you the direction to make your food blog. Suppose you’re blogging recipes and meals for vegetarians. To ensure you successfully resonate with your demographic, you must research what ingredients are popular among the vegetarian community, whether they prefer cooking over the stove or baking their meals, and what region these communities mostly occupy. 

Hence, curate a list of questions to help you better understand your audience. This will allow you to tailor specific content your readers will engage with. Likewise, browse what recipes and meals are trending on social media while researching. Learning about popular food items gives you an idea of what people enjoy and like eating. 

2. Enable Sharing

It would be best to allow your readers to share your posts across social media. If running a separate website, ensure your social media is linked to your blog. This lets your readers easily share your blog on any platform. If you create specific posts for your social media page, add tags and hashtags to help your recipe trend. Platforms like Instagram use hashtags to widen your outreach. 

For this reason, add as many hashtags as possible and hit the right keywords to broaden your viewership. It would help allow your audience to repost, which further enhances engagement.

3. Allow Your Creativity to Flow

Don’t stick to conventional methods alone to make your food blog viral. You can also introduce exciting challenges that entice your audience to engage with your content more. For instance, you can ask your readers to cook a recipe from your blog and link you to their post. Likewise, have a cook-off with a famous influencer and recreate one of your trending dishes. 

Platforms like Instagram have a feature that allows you to go live. By considering this feature, you can collaborate with restaurants and go live as you review the venue, menu, and food. 

4. Use A Calendar

It would be best if you generated a content calendar. As a food blogger, your posts must go online like clockwork. If you post haphazardly, your viewers may need help to engage with your blog as often as you like. Additionally, long hiatuses and pauses between your posts can cause you to lose your demographics interest, and they would instead work with those who post more frequently. Hence, work out a calendar for yourself. 

Decide how often you would like to post and what your posts will consist of. You should also create unique content for the holiday season beforehand to meet important deadlines. Having structure also saves you from worrying about the content you need to put up. It gives you enough time to revisit your prepared blogs and ensure they suit your audience. 

5. Put in the Legwork

More than organic searches are needed to make your food blog popular; you must invest time expanding your reach. To build a steady following base, allow your readers to subscribe to your blog and email list. You should enable this feature on your social media profile. Some platforms like Instagram charge a small fee from your audience, giving them access to exclusive content made specifically for them. Once you have many followers, you should make social media groups. 

For instance, you can create a Facebook group for your readers to discuss, invite them to provide criticism, and leave reviews on your blog. Instagram also allows you to develop reels where you can make step-by-step tutorials that are ideal for your audience on the go. 

Try guest blogging, too. This is a tactic in which you review or blog for another content creator for a backlink in return. The content creator you’re guest posting for can also share your posts or give you a public shoutout on their social media page, making your food blog more visible. 

Final Thoughts

Food blogging is a remarkable way to share your passion for food online. But like any blogger, you must build your brand from scratch to get the audience engagement you need. The biggest asset you have is social media. Once you figure out how to use this tool effectively, you can rise to the top as a well-established food blogger. This includes using the right images, keyword researching, and collaborating with famous influencers. The more you post, the better you’ll learn how to make your food blog relatively well-known.


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