6 Benefits of Professional BigCommerce Store Management Services

BigCommerce stores are widely popular for their customization aspects and improved consumer experiences. It helps the owners with easy conversions and revenue-boosting measures.

Over time, BigCommerce has gained popularity in supporting small to mid-size businesses with easy UI and setup. Such flexibility has increased the BigCommerce store count to 47,102 in the third quarter of 2023.

But, some tasks in a BigCommerce store, such as catalog management, back-office routine activities, product store management, and others, can become truly complex if you aren’t getting them right. And that’s when you need virtual assistants to provide you with eCommerce store management services.

The job of the virtual assistants in this arena is to help take care of the core administrative tasks, allowing business leaders to focus on other core activities to scale their business opportunities. So, if you are one among the 47,000+ BigCommerce store owners and want to know the benefits of hiring a professional service provider to manage your platform, read along till the end.

What are the Unique Benefits of Hiring BigCommerce Product Store Management Services?

The perks of hiring BigCommerce management solutions are inevitable! Some of the benefits that you would get upon making this decision include:

1. Save On Operating Costs

Without the centralized professionals looking after your BigCommerce store, you might have to hire multiple employees, to handle different store management tasks. You might need to employ different people to process orders, manage products, create discounts, track logistics, etc.

Even if you plan on doing everything by yourself without hiring anyone, it will stress you out and divert your focus from other core operations. Ultimately, your work efficiency will deteriorate. Therefore, relying on virtual assistants for BigCommerce store management will not just save your operational cost of hiring multiple employees but will also relieve you from a lot of solo responsibilities.

You will give your input to the assistants, and they will do the needful to meet your milestone expectations.

2. A Time Saver

A BigCommerce store management service provider will be handling your customer support department as well. It means your customers can now directly connect with the firm or agents you have hired to get the right information. Specialized personnel will look after the customer’s complaints and other issues, saving you time and effort.

With this, your customers won’t be relying on your employees to avail information or support services. Thus, keeping your team free from this operational task! You can then utilize your employees for other core operations to scale your eCommerce business.

3. Get a Skilled Workforce

If you don’t want to hire an in-house team for your BigCommerce store management and are handling everything yourself, are you a master with all the skills needed? You might think you are handling things proficiently at the start, but as the business grows, your skill gap will hit hard.

Therefore, seeking the help of professionals will help fill that gap without letting you spend enormous amounts of money. The BigCommerce Virtual Assistants experts include skills in assessing the current market trends, analyzing product performance data, creating reporting, managing products, etc.

All of these skills and more are highly beneficial for your BigCommerce store to thrive in this competitive arena.

4. No More Handling Monotonous Activities

The administrative tasks involved in managing the BigCommerce store at times might feel monotonous. Handling repetitive tasks on a daily basis might hamper your productivity. And if you have an in-house team handling it, their productivity is also limited to a certain extent.

Hiring BigCommerce product store management services offered by virtual assistants for handling all your administrative tasks. Whether it’s about compiling business reports, drafting an email, responding to customer queries, listing products, updating prices, or anything else, outsourcing your needs to a reliable assistant would be a smart decision.

5. Management of Online Orders

The key to being successful in an eCommerce business is to pay close attention to order fulfillment. Running a BigCommerce store during peak seasons might be very difficult. It is because you might have to focus on filling your inventory or scaling your marketing efforts to increase sales.

Amidst all of that, handling the process of order fulfillment should not be compromised at all. Therefore, to get sufficient support from a team that understands eCommerce business processes, hiring professional management services is highly crucial. The experts ensure the successful management of orders from multiple fulfillment points and sales channels.

They use an organized framework to enable proper functions of all the services on your platform. It is quite essential for you to have a smooth and stable flow of all operational processes associated with order fulfillment. This helps prevent any adverse effects on the customer experience.

6. Helps With Tracking Performance Data

For running an eCommerce store, it becomes important to track the sources of traffic to the site. Whether it’s through PPC ads, SEO, backlinks, social media, or others, you should be aware of which source or channel is contributing the most to give you better traffic. Following that, you will also need information on your customers’ behavior towards the products and purchasing behavior.

It might sound complex to approach with the usual business operating and expanding processes. Therefore, hiring eCommerce management services for BigCommerce will help you take care of that aspect. The professionals have access to the right tools and technologies to collect and analyze business-centric and marketing data of your store.

Using this data, you can expect to improve your marketing and business performance through impactful data-driven decisions.

Parting Words

BigCommerce is one of the most trending platforms for budding online store owners. It has ample features for small and mid-size businesses to establish a strong foundation in the eCommerce industry. But what’s difficult for them is to manage the administrative tasks parallel to the growing phase of the business. In such cases, it becomes highly crucial to hire eCommerce store management services and get a BigCommerce virtual assistant to segregate the workload.

So, if you want to scale your BigCommerce store and make it grow stupendously in the long run, get the best professionals at your back to ease your management efforts!


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